Ascension is one of Edinburgh’s longest running alternative nights. Beginning back in 1993, the night was originally conceived as a vehicle for putting on live bands in the capital. However, it quickly became clear that people wanted it to be a club event as well and accordingly this is how it evolved over the following years.

Originally held at the now defunct Cas Rock on West Portland Street, the club later moved to Holyrood Union (now the Bongo Club) where it remained for a number of years until that venue also closed its doors. During that time it consolidated its reputation as one of the leading Alternative clubs in Edinburgh.

The club moved to Teviot Row House in 2001, and since that time has gone from strength to strength, regularly attracting a wide audience from both Edinburgh and further afield. In recent years, the club moved to various venues such as Studio 24 and The Banshee Labyrinth but now in 2014 the club is back once more at Teviot Row House.


Although now primarily a club night, Ascension has continued to play an important role over the years bringing a variety of quality alternative bands to play in Edinburgh including some of the scenes biggest names, including VNV Nation, Assemblage 23, XPQ-21, Dream Disciples, Crüxshadows, Rossetta Stone, Nekromantik, Corpus Delicti, S.P.O.C.K and Man(i)kin.

Thank you

Whether you’re an Ascension regular or visiting us for the first time - thank you. We’re proud of the fact that Ascension is now for many a highlight in the Edinburgh clubbing calendar and your continued support means that we now enjoy a well established and thriving alternative music scene in our city, allowing us to bring some of the biggest names on the scene to Scotland and putting Edinburgh firmly on the map as one the key UK centres for alternative music events. Long may it continue!